very french riviera.

Funny how inspiration strikes when it is most unnecessary. It's hard to believe this spurred from the choice of the pictured denim short to become something I'd be proud to seen wearing whilst strolling at a French Riviera. It's a basic look really but it plays on a silhouette which is what I'd call 'now' - baggy top and mini shorts - very Chanel Resort and very French Riviera chic, I dare say. I wore it to go to my boyfriend's and not really to a French Riviera, but it made me feel good and like I'm living la dolce vita and that's why I love clothes folks! They are, perhaps, my predominant mood-modifiers. "Give a girl the right shoes (and clothes) and she can conquer the world", said Marilyn Monroe and how darn right was she!!!

And with confidence come a bucket-load of photos... so excuse the excessive amount of scrolls you may need to endure to get to the end of this post, but otherwise - enjoy!


Top of my own making
shorts I've had forever in my wardrobe
Espadrilles from Spain
ZARA bag

All that's left is a Chanel hula-hoop beach bag and my life will be complete.



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