On the Fashionable Attitude

Finally exams are over and I can freely return to blogging and enjoying summer. The best and most surprising part of it all is that it felt really good to wear a figure-hugging dress, other than the usual comfortable, loose-fitting apparel.  I felt freer. So maybe a bodycon dress does make you feel sexy, but then again, I ditched the heels and wore trainers and I didn't top up my make-up after at least seven hours. (But that could have been a consequence of my laziness.) I've said it more than once, perhaps not here, but it kinda is becoming my standard fashion philosophy - Fashion is about the attitude, every season, every decade a new attitude takes shape and pushes the boundaries. It is expressed through fashion. Maybe even, fashion expressed through attitude. Could fashion be shaping our lifestyles? (But that's another question, and I'm getting out of point.) Perhaps at the moment, the strongest fashion attitude is that of the strong women, wearing "men's" clothes and looking like she doesn't give it a second thought. At the end of the day I vouch for the 'care-free, 'effortless' attitude as opposed to the 'look at me! look at me' one and this time round the 'effortless' attitude called for a figure-hugging dress... So here I am, doing and wearing what I please, and it felt pretty awesome.


French Connection dress
ASOS trainers
RIVER ISLAND coin necklace in gold and another in silver



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