'What am I on about?' & the infamous 'What to Wear' mess.

Fashion in Malta has changed for the better - I feel like people are freer to express their fashion choices. Fashion is after all one giant, fun, carnival parade in which you can be whoever you want to be. Style is different. In style you pick what suits you best - by your body's standards - skin tone, body shape, hair colour, hair cut, eye colour, face shape, height, age and whatnot and you ideally stick to the rules. But in fashion you are free to play around those lines and occasionally cross them. I wear flats regardless of my petite shape - for fashion. I wear turtlenecks regardless of my square/round face - for fashion. Sleek, blow dried hair tied in a bun would make me look older but I do it, when I feel like - for fashion. The key is to find a balance, your personal balance between style and fashion. It's your personal journey, no one else's, and you can only be inspired by so many bloggers out there - but you can never entirely copy a look because it won't look as good on you. You'll have to tweak it a bit here and there and emulate that look. Chances are if someone where to copy your look it won't suit them as well as it did you. The key is to emulate and adapt.

So, I thought, now that I've got this blog going again it's time I update what I'm on about - my fashion philosophy - if you wish.

I believe that Fashion is simpler than it's made out to be. 

That's what I'm aiming to do with this blog now - I'm attempting to show how simple Fashion is. That is my whole fashion philosophy.

And now, four years later, I think that Fashion is indeed for everyone. I'll continue this with saying the ever-present cliche - fashion is expression, like art is. It's a medium through which you can express yourself and how you felt at that very moment when you decided to wear that top with that skirt, with those shoes and felt good about it.

At least that's what I think now at this moment. The aforementioned reasoning inherently explains why I decide on one outfit before showering and then decide against it afterwards AND why my wardrobe becomes a whole mess on the floor in a 'WAAA - what am I going to wear' moment.

I wish my hair looked as good when I'm in a 'I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR' moment. Wait - or is she happy from having finally decided on wearing that (gorgeous) blouse. (My floor does look like that, though.)

And is it just me or does outfit planning totally suck? Or is it that I suck at outfit planning? I mean, how am I supposed to know what I'm going to feel like wearing a week before an event, or a day for that matter. Fashion, like my mood, is of the moment. And that is why my 'outfit plans' remain unrealised. No outfit written on paper ever happens. Ever.



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