Nineties Tribute?

My last exam for this year is really testing my patience. I can't wait to get out of here and start enjoying the summer freely without worrying about what I have to study next and to take photos and do some good ol' blogging.

Yesterday amidst the studying and the papers I wore an extremely relaxed look - which I'd like to call a tribute to the nineties. Love 'em or hate 'em the nineties gave us some iconic looks. The so-called heroin chic would be best to be left then, but the efortlessness of it all is something I definitely encourage. Sexy does not necessitate bodycon dresses! There are so many other ways - and Kate in the Ninetees is one very sucessful way to go. Here's what's been inspiring me lately - and then see for yourselves how I channeled that inspiration. (I need to channel my creative energy somewhere when studying, you know.)

Kate in Birks and a Calvin Klein campaign from the Ninetees - also, there's Kate again.

90s Kate in Calvins

CALVIN KLEIN underwear
ZARA shirt
OYSHO gym shorts
River Island Birkens



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