June the Seductress.

June means exams for me and it has for more than half my life, being a student. I profoundly detest June because of its teasing personality. It offers you the sun - but then says "HEY, you can't enjoy it. Stay in and study!", it offers you people who outwardly post photos of themselves on the beach, sipping cocktails, licking the sun with their Ray Bans and smiley faces. In fact, it makes everyone else's life seem like one hell of a beach holiday.

And you're home, studying, dressed in sweats, facing the computer screen, with paper all over your desk and crips stuck in your hair  and those darn highlighter pens everywhere you look, on your notes, on your diary on your screen...gahh!!

This post is dedicated to you, dear student, and all the drinks you'll be sipping in a month's time. And if you're not a student, thank you for stopping by and I beg you to sympathise with your fellow human beings during this time of year and pardon our rant-filled posts.

Go ahead take a break from studying (gasp!), like I did, and you'll feel better afterwards.

 Adios for now and those who are rocking the same boat as myself here, good luck!


MEXX kaftan
Calvin Klein bikini top
Yamamay bottom
New Look bum bag
Calvin Klein sandals

Ti x


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