River Island Opening in Malta

Today marks an important day in Malta's fashion high-street. The opening of the much-craved River Island in Malta. The brand isn't new to the Maltese public - many shopping it when abroad or via riverisland.com.

But frankly nothing beats the first-hand joy of shopping. Touching the item, trying it on, posing with it in front of the mirror, smelling it and other oddities which may suit your momentary fancy. That and the fact you can just buy it there and then without having to wait days or weeks for it to arrive in the mail - then to discover a size smaller or bigger would have been the wiser choice. So this, people, is the answer to our dreams. River Island is here and it's here with a bang.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the shop before it officially opens to the public tomorrow morning. The shop is huge, it is and fresh-looking and it will, dangerously, make you shop.

First 100 customers tomorrow get a goodie bag. YAY! I'll be popping by tomorrow so I might see a few of you around.

In case you're wondering, I wore:

Photo by Keith Darmanin of Kitz Klikz

Wearing: ASOS tux and heels, Zara top, French Connection bag. And soon I'll be donning something from River Island (very soon in fact!).


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