There is no better timing for a family event than one during Fashion week. And that, my friends, was a sarcastic comment. Nevertheless, I could not have enjoyed it more. It was a break from the hustle and bustle of fashion week and family is the crowd you'll always feel like being around. So Saturday evening I had to leave Fashion Week at bay and concentrate on making the family event a memorable one - in a good way. Saturday night I dressed myself up in a bib and took to decorating cupcakes and helping mum with whatever was needed before the event on Sunday.

Family after all, comes first. They're the ones you'll find in the best and worst moments of your life and they're the ones who provide the back bone of encouragement and support you'll need to make your dreams come true. Photos are limited, because I'd like to keep these in the family photo album instead. ;)


ASOS dress
Vintage pearl necklace

Now I'm off to to the Charles & Ron show.. laters!



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