MFWA2014 - Gagliardi Show

The venue itself was a crowd-puller. I, for one, ashamedly, haven't been to the Biblioteca Nazzjonali (The National Library) since perhaps I was in primary school. So that in itself made me really really want to attend this event. But other than that, Malta's fashion scene doesn't promote menswear enough so with today's event being solely menswear I was happy to see something other than womenswear. I wasn't disappointed, in actual fact I was impressed. And here's why.

The goodie bag contained a reference for all the outfits the models wore with a style number and a very detailed description of the entire look - this was of course to enable the client to pin-point whatever they liked easily.

The evening was divided into the Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2014 collection and the Gagliardi Autumn/Winter 2014.

Here are some of the shots from the SS14 half of the evening.

A break ensued, in which we socialised and took photos (see below). Because hey, when else will I get the chance to take a photo at the National Library?!

Then we got seated again and the Gagliardi Fall/Winter 2014 collection was presented on catwalk. And what better introduction for a luxe menswear brand than an introduction at our National Library?

After the show we socialised some more, (because that's what fashion events are for after all), and then went out for a Campari cocktail in the Piazza. Just another fabulous evening in Valletta. Ah if all men dressed as well!

And one last outfit photo, post-show, before I left - 


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