MFWA2014 - C&R - Humilissima Civitas

And Humilissima Civitas indeed. The crux of Malta's history and culture lies in the heart of our capital, Valletta. Charles & Ron's collection 'Humilissima Civitas' was inspired by Valletta itself. I'd say rather it was a timely choice to use Valletta as the main inspiration when all of Malta is preparing for V18 - Valletta as Europe's capital of Culture in 2018 (read more about it here).

With Charles & Ron being a local, and successful, talent since the nineties they have acquired a strong fanbase on the islands with most of the local fashion crowd eagerly awaiting their shows. With Ron being from Amsterdan and Charles Maltese their work is a beautiful merger of both backgrounds - deriving inspiration from old Holywood Glamour and the Mediterranean spirit. And this time round they surely did not disappoint. The collection was strong but delicate, coherent but diverse. The show was dominated by pastels - especially in their Ready-to-Wear line. Then we finally got to see the gown from the Malta Fashion Week Campaign live on the catwalk (the strapless, black and metallic number below).Tiffany Pisani in a crop top and full-length skirt looked divine; truly a case of leaving the best for last.

Photo by Steven Muliett

Photo by Dennis Calleja
I wore:

Photo by Ellie Cutajar of The Uniform

ASOS dress & heels
ZARA bag & necklace

Photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

More photos and info may be found on the Malta Fashion Week & Awards page or


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