MFWA2014 - Bridal Show

Yesterday's show at La Vallette hall at the Mediterranean Conference Centre - once again in Valletta  - exhibited a trinity of bridal wear and accessories brands and designers - Weddingbells, 'Elie' - Elie Saab for Pronovias and Loredana Roccasalva a Sicilian bridal wear designer hailing from Milan. The three proved to be uniquely different - each showing a signature different to the previous.

Weddingbells was perhaps the most acute to the proclivities of the Maltese public - exhibiting contemporary yet traditional bridal wear and accessories.

Model and Malta Fashion Awards nominee Gaby Curmi opened the show with the most spectacular of veils - embellished with butterflies - almost as if they had just landed on it and were fluttering their delicate wings, an effect aided by Gaby's movement of the arms.

Photo by Dennis Calleja

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Ellie by Ellie Saab for Pronovias was a merger of the Spanish brand's famous sartorial intricacies and Ellie Saab's reknown feminine dress designs.

Loredana Roccasalva's collection was backed by music acquaint to that heard in films like Helen of Troy, Gladiator, Game of Thrones or any other war-themed flick you can imagine. In fact you wouldn't imagine they're dressed to get married - but rather dressed to kill. Of course, the idea behind Loredana's collection was one which inspired strength in women without rejecting femininity - as you'll see in the pictures the collection did not put femininity aside in portraying strong woman. The models walked determinedly and confidently - and that I think determined the portrayal of all the dresses bestowed upon our eyes last evening.

As local designer Marco Parascandalo noted the material used the dress Malta Fashion Awards nominee, Claire Ciantar, is donning is in fact denim - chambray to be precise - a lighter form of denim. This, I think, too embodies Roccasalva's ideas of femininity and strength - denim being the strong fabric preferred for many years by mine-workers but capturing a feminine form of it by using its more delicate counterpart - chambray! Bravissima Loredana.

More photos up soon - (there A LOT of photos to go through.)

All in all it was a great event with Island Caterers and Kombi bar providing food and drinks for a reception afterwards. Later today - Bortex show!



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