On Jewellery or Lack thereof.

Jewellery has become a luxury in my book. I haven't worn any proper jewellery in ages. With smaller and more delicate pieces taking over the jewellery scene I find myself more attracted to fine jewellery and fine jewellery comes with a price tag - one which is only a teeny tiny bit over my budget. In fact, I've become extremely functional in my sartorial habits. The default shoe is never a heel. [The average Maltese girl would tend to disagree with me, since Maltese ladies opt for heels when shopping, dining out, clubbing, bowling perhaps even hiking. The denim and heels combination is the default for the general Maltese woman. And the Maltese female would feel extremely under-dressed without a heel. That's not necessarily the case! Heels do not a stylish girl make!] For me, a humongous effort is required to finally decide to wear a heel. Generally when I fear I'd look to short or when it's a sitting-down meal. And I dare say most of my outfits look OK. I still get compliments - if that's what you're looking for. I'd say the key to true style is comfort - how comfortable you look in what you're wearing and how chic you look, yet how effortless your look manages to be. That's the dream. Looking like you didn't give your outfit a second thought, and just threw on whatever was at the end of your bed and conveniently looking put together without any effort at all.

OK - back to jewellery.If you've been following me from the start you'd know that wasn't always the case. Before it was jewellery fest after another. Now I occasionally wear a ring or two - but I've become extremely picky with those too. Jewellery can easily look cheap. When I wear jewellery I feel like I'm making too much of an effort so off again it goes. If I do wear jewellery it's usually a party of two rings at most. If I manage to feel good with what I'm wearing without wearing jewellery then I feel like I've achieved much more stylistically. So yay to that. Whilst street style seems stuck on the fine jewellery note, fashion seems to be moving in the direction of chunky pieces this Spring/Summer. And I'm very much on board.

Miuccia was never one to go soft. The jewellery is as bold as brass, quite literally!

Phoebe Philo took her Brassai inspiration a long way at Celine. Could the bangle be back? I like what I'm seeing and I want all of them, thank you!

Even at Givenchy, Tisci got on to the 'go bold or go home' wagon. Nothing says 'usual' about this collection.

Chanel's usually delicate pearls took an amplification treatment.

Dolce & Gabbana's tribute to the Sicilian Roman and Greek legacy. Nothing delicate about this. Go bold or go home.
What about you? Do you wear jewellery with every outfit? Will you moving in the chunky direction this season? I want to know. Get commenting fashion folk.

Photos by Style.com


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