My 10 tips for a Spring Wardrobe... and other reveries.

First of all, happy Easter everyone! And with Easter come an array of symbols related to new life - hatched eggs, and newborn ducklings, easter eggs galore and I would say it's the best time of year to give this blog a good run again. You would never guess how long some of my posts have been in the draft folder. Some aren’t even relevant now, some are just as relevant and some are just arbitrary ramblings of a fashosophising mind (read blog description if you’ve just stumbled upon this blog and are still not quite adhered to my ‘nouvelle’ vocab.) But something about spring, and a few loyal friends and followers pushing me to ‘please Tiziana you have to start posting again’ or ‘please Tiziana continue Rouge Reveries if you want me to ever start a blog’ (you know who you are) made me tweek those posts, change the layout and give blogging a try again. In actual fact I wrote what I’m about to say here a few weeks ago. Precisely when spring started, to be exact…i.e that also meant my pay check had just rolled in. In turn that meant happy prospects of potential purchases and purchase planning. What a happy alliteration of ‘p’. If you've been following my Instagram, I have been posting occasionally, so do check it out if you're interested in what I wore recently.

But then in lieu came a couple of bad days, the kind everyone supposedly has every now and again, since we’re all human, and thoughts of restarting the blog went astray. Until now, that is; when I took to redesigning the blog layout and actually posting again. I like starting afresh. Nothing like the first page of new spiral-bound refill paper, a new pen, a new diary, a new project, a new week, a new puts a fresh smell of hope in the air.  So now that spring is here it means I have the chance to start a new page with a new spring wardrobe. But first of all I'd like to tick the following the checklist... to make sure I'm on the right track. I feel this helps in spending your money where it matters!

1. Estabilish where you're headed.

Think of where you'll be going this spring. Will you be at work most of the time? Are there any events you absolutely must attend? Where are you going to spend your weekends? Are you going clubbing, or somewhere quieter? Will you be having picnics every so often? Are lunch dates something you do? As soon as you've established that you'll know whether you'd rather go for the flats you've been eyeing or the platform sandals which caught your eye or pretty dresses versus casual t-shirts and distressed denims.

2. The rule of Three

If the item you've been eyeing doesn't go with at least another 3 spring-friendly pieces you already have in your wardrobe, then NO. If you do go ahead and buy it, it will end up just sitting there looking pretty leaving dust-rings around it. Another rule I've heard quite recently uncovered is that after 3 weeks you've purchased an item you haven't worn it- return it! (Unless, of course, you have some specific event you're saving it up for.) No use letting it rot there when you can probably exchange it for something you really would wear!

3. What does suit you?

This requires a lot of time spent in front of the mirror and good lighting! Study which colours make your complexion glow, and which dampen it so you'll know to avoid them. Which collars make your face longer than it should be, which make you look neck-less; what pants make you taller, which stomp you and so on. It's all about proportion! Work it out!

4. Emulate, don't copy.

Buy a few fashion magazines, follow some good blogs, surf the top fashion websites and discover which trends or current fashion moods you're into. Build your own 'mood board' and work your wardrobe into it.

5. Determine your budget

You'll find you'll make the best purchases when you stick to a budget. That way you won't buy anything for the sake of quantity. You'll have to think twice about it. You may discover you don't really need it after all. Also when you've spent your wardrobe budget, you'll only buy anything else if you really, really, really, absolutely like something. And that will be your treat.

6. The power of the trans-seasonal.

An item holds extra style value when it can be work from one season to the next with just a change in the styling. Where it underneath a black blazer today then with denim cut-offs in a month!

7. The All-purpose Pieces

Pieces which in a way or other
a) be transformed excessively,
b) are in neutral shades (black, white, grey, brown or navy)
c) you can sincerely consider to be 'timeless', 'classics' (and do not allude to a seasonal print or trend)
should be given extra purchase value.

8. Quality vs Quantity

If your budget is limited another decision is in tow. What should you spend money on quality for? And what other things you'd rather spend less on? Personally I like to spend more money on things I'll wear more often, i.e. day wear.

9. Buy your own wardrobe.

Go through your wardrobe and see what might actually work for the current fashion moods, or whether you can somehow transform a piece from drab to fab with the help of a belt. Styling is key! This season's styling sensibilities, like those of all previous seasons will change, so enjoy them while they last. That black maxi you have in your wardrobe - wear it will birkenstocks this spring instead of pretty flops (whether you like birkenstocks or not is another story). Add some geometric jewellery with your explorer/ safari looks for an instant spring update!

10. What you actually like.

It's only natural you'll want to take new fashion trends on a test drive.. but some trends are best kept for others.  Fads (heqhim moustaches, anyone?) are best kept for the masses. You don't want to be just another, do you now? Don't buy anything for the sake of a trend if you don't really like it. If you don't like it today you probably won't like it tomorrow. You won't wear it anyway!


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