Winter Uniform

When it comes down to it...I'm a planner. I enjoy planning things. If I could make a job out of planning things I would. I love lists, collecting info, timing things, forming a schedule, writing 'to do lists'. I love all that. One of the downsides to winter is that my brain is too cold to think. (Is that even a thing? Is that possible?). So when in the early hours of the morning I need to formulate a quick and easy outfit to wear to beat the cold I tend to opt towards my thrifted denim jacket, my 'heirloom' scarf, and black combats. That's how easy life should be. What goes beneath is arbitrary and yes, spontaneous.

I wore an H&M nightie which I insist on wearing as a slip dress. But that makes it all the more authentic. But even if what was underneath was the least bit spontaneous, what I wore this outfit to was all about planning. To plan a trip to Florence - YAY! I can't wait. We went to Costa Coffee at Malta International Airport. Travel planning at the Airport. Quite appropriate I should think. It's great to work there with free WIFI and coffee served whenever and however.

As for the boots I got them from ASOS two years ago before the whole cut-out boot trend took over. I wear them less now. (In fact, I also wore them here.) But I found they give the right amount of edge to a lace-trimmed slip dress.

Since I had to come up with a title for the sake of archiving this post it easily came around to being my 'winter uniform'.

front-big scarf, oversized denim jacket, winter street style

 My leather-bound diary I got from Camden Market. I love beautiful stationery.

Thrifted Oversized Denim Jacket
H&M night dress
ASOS cut-out boots (also worn here)
my mum's scarf
Mango mohair sweater (my over-used go-to piece this winter)


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