An Update in Photos

I've spent the last few, determinedly quiet, off-the-radar months testing myself. Trying this and that, experimenting with hair colour (which went from brownish to green to red, to auburn and to aubergine in the end -scroll down for pictures), with new looks. I couldn't blog whilst doing that. I still want that random something, undullifying (is that even a word?) my wardrobe. Something which doesn't necessarily make my eyes pop but.. perhaps, my outfit? Fashion over Beauty? Is that it? Was it that battle I was tired of?

I'll attempt to post, mostly through pictures, what went down sartorially-speaking during the past 6 months of my life.

My trip to Reading Festival which was a blast.. finally got to see a few of my favorite bands live, camp for 5 days, visit London again and take in the odour of the deeply unsanitary 'toilets' close to our tents. Not to mention I got around to wearing a few festival-appropriate clothing. YAY!

Flower garlands are compulsory accessories at a festival...mine got tattered by the end. Don't think it was all teacups and saucers there - BUT a good breakfast was very much needed, so most mornings we took a trip to town and gorged on a delicious breakfast.

My festival wardrobe consisted of this tartan shirt, leather combat boots, graphic t-shirts, crochet tops, loose-fitting blouses, cut-offs and anything allusive to the 90s-smells-like-teen-spirit kinda vibe.

Yep - that's me with the green hair and festival make-up... being squashed in the middle by lead singer of the Palma Violets. #momentstocherish

Later (i.e. a week later) last summer I went to Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava and Barcelona. I finally got to visit Spain. The main attraction at Lloret de Mar were the giant cocktails available at most bars. This was a week after the festival  but my hair undertook a make-over to a red. My cousins Alana and Nicole insisted I still had a trace of green showing up every now and then...Oh well.

Then it was due time to take in the local taste of nature. Chadwick Lakes are beautiful after a rainy day!

Tata for now..


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