In Reverie: Dress Code

Dress for the Occasion or Occasion for the Dress?

In today's Reverie, I present the question - Should we plan an outfit and then go out according to what we are wearing, or should we go out and dress according to where we are going? Personally, in an idyllic life, in an idyllic world, the former would be my preferred choice, but the remaining option is usually what dominates my choice of dress - our lifestyles give us a predetermined dress code.

A turn of events, mainly the event of planning what I assume to be a fabulous outfit is rendered obsolete by the fact that I have no apt occasion for it, caused yours truly to rethink the usefulness of outfit planning. That is, unless you are faced with an incredulous list of fashion events, day after day, or week after week - at least. If a long list of fashion events awaits me day after day on this blessed island, then I would very much so find a fitting for an array of impractical outfits. But really and truly... am I going to wear my sports bra and pencil skirt to work? No, I would have to wear something practical and work-friendly. And the misfortune is, in affect the produce of Capitalism, our lives are dominated by work-related happenings, with little time left for recreation.

This begs the question - should we plan outfits at all? Does this make my 'Outfit Planner' useless? I really hope I'm just being negative here. A day of doom is the day I find planning outfits useless - the horror!!!

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