on how it all started

Think of Philosophy and Fashion... are they opposites? Philosophy the basest form of science and the key to the deepest questions in life correlated and what is perhaps the most superficial forms of the material world – Fashion. I started this blog with the intent of challenging this very premise. I mean, how lame are these stereotypes about fashion? Why do I have to be labelled a bimbo, for instance, (no offence to the bimbos) just because I care about the way I dress? Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone who opts to think of me as a bimbo just because I like fashion, thinks. It just goes to show how misinformed this person must be. Is Fashion really that superficial?

On the face of it all, fashion is superficial. New season, new things over-priced luxury (or is it?) that could feed an entire third world country for a decade; consumerism at its best; materialism at its best. But it’s not about that. Sure... that’s true, I’ll give you that, if you want to stop there. But what I’m intrigued by is the depth behind the clothes, behind the selection of the clothes and behind the choice of theme of the designers. Or why some runway exhibits become trends and others don’t... and what comes first? Fashion or Trends? Or are they one and the same? So many questions... as these questions turn over in my head I’ll divulge them in a series of blog posts I will semi-arbitrarily name as ‘reveries’.

I’d like this to be a fashion discussion of sorts among those of you interested in the depth of fashion and who believe fashion is not as superficial as one might think... or who would rather disagree with me. Please join in anyway. So talk, talk, talk, lezzgooo... we got to get this rollin’ people!!

Other things you must be aware of before we begin this journey together –
It's my personal coinage of the words Fashion (derived from the old French word façon) and sophia in Greek which means wisdom or knowledge. i.e. Fashion wisdom.

As far as the 'reveries' go, which form part of the blog's name, a reverie is 'a musing state'. The blog is, therefore, a collection of fashion musings. Such posts will be headed with the image I included with this post, or something of the sort. Whatever suits, my design-fancy at that moment. That way, those of you who are interested in the ‘niceties’ of fashion blogging, i.e. outfit posts, awesome products and awesome gear can simply skip such posts... honestly and truly, I hope you don’t skip these posts. But don't worry, there will still be plenty of outfit posts and product posts....

Peruse #fashosophy if there's some discussion you'd like to get going. Tweet me @rougereveries

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