leather strikes again

I love leather. I like it black, and lately I've been likin' it coloured! So..what do I do? I wear a nude leather skirt and throw a red leather bag to top it all.

I like to say I was beckoned by the skirt. Like a calling, you know. Dahlia is not a brand I usually look for. Yet it had a Balenciaga vibe to it, which I can never resist... coloured leather, crunched waist, and just a little bit weird. The most perfect paper-bag waisted leather skirt I could hope for.
Bals' FW12 collection still remains my favourite.

This is what I'm talking about:

FACE - Revlon smokey-eye liner, Max Factor bronzing powder, Pupa blush, Revlon lipstick (PINK POUT)

And last but not least - #bloopers

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