Fashion... simple?

Then again simple is a state of mind.

What is simplicity? Think about it - simple this, simple that, simply chic, simply gorgeous, simply natural. 'Simple': as promiscuous as a word can get. Much like common sense is not so common. Simple is not so simple! HA! To think of what goes into making something look simple and effortless.

I look at my style icons, mainly Mira Duma, Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins, none are vertically endowed - tall  in layman terms. But even 'tall' is what I would consider relative and subjective. They average 5'2" which is right about my height. And I think to myself what do they do to have everything so well-adjusted and tailored to their height. Petites, me included need to have everything adjusted. I used to think people just go to shops buy whatever they like and throw it on. It's not so simple after all, innit?? Simple, my bottom...

I want everything to fit me well but unfortunately I find everything either too long or too huge. Most shops cater for clientele no smaller than a size 6. Yet I know a number of you, myself included would love for some pieces to go down to a 4.

Thankfully some shops listen... I buy my denim from Topshop. My favourite pieces are the Jamie and the Leigh. The fit is gorgeous and they have the styles in petite sizing too!! And to say the least, I'm OB-SESSED with the Topshop Jamie. I have it in black, but I might just buy a couple more in different shades. Because babe, when you find something perfect, you simply (again not so simple, really) must STOCK UP!

topshop jamie jeans petite
 Another high-street favourite is Miss Selfridge. They host an array of petite items, and some petite exclusives too! Which is a blessing, since you know you'll always find something you like there. One of my summer staples is the maxi-dress and if it's not in petite I usually can't buy it. I hate having to alter all my clothes every single time. There's a petite section? PROBLEM SOLVED.

Then there's ASOS. Always there, always available. I find my petite must-haves over there at a really good price without having to go out. Once you get used to the fit and the sizing, ASOS is a godsend.

The thing with high-street shops is that nothing is ever a classic, things change every season. So be sure to buy multiples when you find the perfect fitting wardrobe must-have!

Any other petite staples you have in mind? Share them below!



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