Fashion is everywhere

I believe that we are the products of what we see, kind of like 'you are what you eat', but this time it's 'you are what you see'. Somewhat of a Cartesian epiphany dawned on me, we cannot possibly imagine anything unless we have seen it; whatever exists must have a cause - including our thoughts. I, for one, used to go through, and tear apart, my mum's Burdas. I remember the first time I bought Vogue, Kate Moss was on the cover and I was starstruck by the je ne sais quoi only Kate carries. Effortless sexiness, the effortless breathtaking way she wore a khaki parka and a sequined mini. Perhaps that's why I can never have a wardrobe without khaki or sequins in it.

We are the products of what we SEE, boys and girls. And to quote Carrie, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more."

This is what inspired me this month -

Chalayan Resort 2014 - Oversized tux jacket; Mary Katrantzou  Resort 2014 - digging the silhouette; Miranda Kerr for June 2013 Vogue Korea; Cara Delevigne in Chanel; Erin Wasson in Alexander Wang; Kate Moss in a tutu; Marloes Horst in Vogue Japan Wedding Special

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