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Hold your horses right there. I am not going to delve into the real reasons behind my disappearing act. I am quite sure that what you may have imagined is far more interesting than the real reasons (plural: reasons not reason, because, I'll give you this - there are several). Did I pull a Jonah? (Read -gulped down by a whale and later spit back out). Maybe. Or an Earhart. Except I don't see anyone funding a $2.2 million expedition to look for me. But I do see me living a on an unknown deserted island like Miss Emilia Earhart is rumoured to have done, after having attempted an around-the-world flight. The brave, multi-talented woman. (Fun fact: Earhart was also a celebrity fashion designer! You see, I did my research.) Or decided I don't care much for fashion anymore and stopped blogging. The latter possibility, although I have heard it once or twice during my dead-in-absentia period is the most absurd. Because you see, the first premise (that of not caring much for fashion anymore) is not a direct consequence /cause of the second!

I do not see my interest in fashion going anywhere.... I have tested myself, you see. And it just won't go away. It's the way I am. It's the way I shop and the way I prioritise my needs and my wants (which more often than not are one and the same) in a way which makes sense sartorially. I'm not sure I'm being quite clear here, I do tend to ramble, and it has been a while so there's a bucketload of things that I have been dying to say. Pressing pause on blogging was unfortunate but I'll give you a few worthy (I hope you find them worthy, after all) things which have happened in my life during my absence and a miscellany of things which I have wanted to say.

I put a lot effort in organising my working space and my closet. The latest aid to banishing chaos from my closet were my shoe shelves which I have come to love tremendously (and obsessively)!

I missed this year's edition of Malta Fashion Week. Year after year, the Maltese shores show off their talent and invite International fashion over to celebrate Fashion, even if for just a week/ week and a half. I don't intend to miss Fashion Week again next year. Last year was a blast for me, and since circumstance did not permit my being there this time round there was a void which I could not fill. Melodramatic, but true.

White is what I'll be looking to wear this summer. 
That's not exactly breaking news is it. If you've even simply opened any singular issue of VOGUE, ELLE, D&C, or any other fashion magazine you'd know White is in. But I won't just be wearing it. I've opted for an all-white look in my bedroom + study + closet space. Looking fresh is key in the areas I spend the most time in. Not to mention, white makes a MAJOR backdrop to everything, looking simple but amazingly striking.The walls are white, my wardrobe is white, my desk is white, my shoe shelves are white, my vanity table is white, my mirror is white, my bed is white. White, white, white. Curtains are going to be up soon. #EXCITED

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Skirt; Maison Martin Margiela by L'Atelier d'Exercise feather pen; Alexander McQueen dress; ASOS HOTSHOT sandals; Alexander Wang sunnies; Miu Miu Bra top; Moschino Cheap & Chic Embellished Mesh T-shirt.

Suffice to say, I want everything on this list.

Strut your stuff in white.

That's all I'll divulge. I'll leave you to ponder. Ciao x now. Got a closet to organise!


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