power studying

Power Studying - because studying is average.

When I have a whole day in front of me, at home, I often find myself realising late in the day that, perhaps, if I had thrown on a pair of heels and pulled my hair up I would have been far more productive. It's 13:13pm at the moment, and that's about the time of day when I start thinking that.

Pretty surroundings, beautiful clothes, beautiful ambience appeal to me. I hate eating at a restaurant which does not aesthetically appeal to me (seriously, though - I'd rather have a minute serving and mediocre cooking at a chic, aesthetically pleasing restaurant, rather than good food and bad taste in design). I guess the same goes for studying. When I study, I need to like my surroundings and I need to like what I wear. Power dressing for Power Studying.

Written down, pen on paper, well - typed on screen, really, it seems crazy, but I don't think there's going to be any changing of my attitude towards good ambience. That's it, hand me the heels.

What does it for you? To power dress or not to power dress? That is the question. Comment below!

{Shown in Instagram: ALDO leopard pointed courts, Stradivarius perspex heels}

PS: New blog layout. Tell me what you think.


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