catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.

Never let it fade away.

The best and the worst thing about Fashion is that it's about the moment. I've iterated this several times in my previous posts and general musings. The moment any Fashion-related matter happens, is the moment it's gone. Sure enough it may be remembered in time but it will always be known as 'that Prada print of SS11' or 'that Balenciaga show of SS12' but then poof - it's gone. Not one fashion moment is there to stay. Perhaps it is due to this that our fascination with the 'timeless' pieces paradoxically lingers on. I have definitely let several moments go without capturing them in a post. As I write this I realise - perhaps this is what blogging is about, it captures the thoughts, evoked emotions in a particular mind set, cultural framework, if I may. Then these posts are left there in a virtual, never-ending world to be inspected decades or centuries later. That is, if the World Wide Web still exists centuries from now (perhaps I should store them elsewhere, the big W may not be eternal after all.)

Now to stop you from thinking of me as somewhat of an oddball, here are the fashion moments that'll take me through SS13 on. But first, it's only fair I update my loyal and most trusted audience out there with what has gone on in my life these past few months.

  1. I'm now reading for a degree in Communications with Philosophy. Parapappappa, I'm lovin' it.
  2. My obsession with metallic-everything puts me on the mark between passionate and insane.
  3. I have thought about and deliberated the difference between fashion and Fashion. (More later.)
  4. I obviously bought more sartorial goodies.
  5. I am now being represented by Platinum Innovation. Facebook page found here
Here are, in my opinion, the best SS13 moments and the three shows which fell right into my category of 'project-this-come-summer'.

Chloe -RTW - the metallic heels, the juxtaposition of the crop and the sheer, the 'there vs not there' element (see: dress) and the monochromatic choice of palette. Defo one of my favourite shows this season.

 The colour palette at FENDI is determinedly in my good books.

Then came Stella, stellar Stella as always. She ticks the right boxes.
The sheer sweater is AMAZING! I had to post the power-shoulder white beauty, because a. the power-shoulder is big right now. b. the the white suit is a staple in the warmer months and c. because Stella hits the mark between 'sporty' and 'elegant' oh-so-well.

Other moments worth a mention -

Raf Simons at Dior (RTW)
It was just glorious. Dior and Raf together - new, elegant femininity.

The Sixties at Louis Vuitton


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