Wang X Balenciaga

I thought this would surprise me more, but it didn't. It's confirmed. Wang is indeed the Creative Director for Balenciaga. Alexander Wang is what I'd call a street designer. He designs wearability, not high-fashion, like the latter Fashion House is known for. What makes this decision from Balenciaga so, not surprising is the fact that Balenciaga have now gone down the wearable street. With the introduction of the Balenciaga cut-out boot (to which I hold an immense appreciation and love for) and other street-friendly wears, Balenciaga showed us that they've set their mark on easy, wearable, albeit innovative, Fashion. Alexander Wang's eponymous brand is known for its wearability, innovative approach to modern and contemporary clothing, bringing to Balenciaga a factor which if one was to look at the, almost century-old brand a decade ago, would be missing.

The innovation Cristobal Balenciaga brought to it would have been pointless in today's practical world, which  seeks wearability on top of everything else. The street has cast its reign on clothing and there's no turning back. Alexander Wang has been a New York favourite for quite a few years now... but who would compare the New York contemporaries with the big names of Parisian and Milanese fashion? I've mentioned Balenciaga A LOT on this blog and I've shown my appreciation for Nicolas Ghesquiere's creations at Balenciaga one time too many. I hope I'll still do so with Alexander Wang at the helm. Am I doubting a positive future for Balenciaga? Possibly...but here's what I think. In reality I think Fashion is sending us a message. We cannot constrain ourselves to the classics. Fashion has become an everchanging and modern art form, and definitely not as Elitist as it was till half a century ago.

Let's look at the brands' past few collections...

Alexander Wang SS13

Alexander Wang FW12

Will Wang live up to this...?

Balenciaga FW12

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