[outfit] Sheer Delight

I know, I know... It's all about Sheer again... What is it with me and Sheer? I have expressed my appreciation for said fabric too many times, and this is another such expression, an Ode to Sheer, if I may.
I think this might be the fourth sheer-related post. And I'm almost certain it's not stopping here. Generally my relationship with dresses goes like this: it's either love at first sight or no love at all. This wasn't the latter, obviously, because if it were I wouldn't be wearing it.

 Because VOGUE is as much an accessory as it is a Bible. [It's the September '12 edition of Vogue Italia]

ASOS sheer dress
ALDO slippers 
ZARA necklace
ASOS oversized tux jacket.


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