Those of you who have been following Rouge Reveries, would know I'm not very Romantic, clothing wise. I tend to go for edgy, sharp looks rather than pretty, soft looks. But when I saw this dress, a complicated relationship was born. I was torn between my usual love for sharp looks and the simplistic, soft and delicate nature of this dress. What to do, I thought? Long story short, I bought it. It had to mean something for me to dwell upon it all summer.

And this is how I wore it. Appropriate for any midsummer night, I should think. Except it's not Midsummer at all, it's November but alas, the weather doesn't seem to want to do us the pleasure of turning a new leaf (get it? Leaf, fall, autumn... no..?).

Dress by French Connection Malta,
Jacket by ZARA
Boots by Stradivarius

Penny for your thoughts?


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