[outfit] Statement Denim

Lately I've been avoiding simplicity when it comes to denim. Fortunately, denim has become a sartorial aspect one can explore upon freely. I've personally resorted to nineties-alluding high-waisted styles.

To be frank, wearing this outfit to uni didn't grant me much favours. I got stares alright, and quite a few of them weren't nice ones. I would advise you not to wear anything similar unless you're 100% comfortable wearing it, but that goes for anything. But fashion, au contraire to what the word implies, isn't about pleasing the mainstream. Here's the look, and a better glance of my newly-cut hair.

New Look cropped knit
Vintage jeans (found at a thrift store)
ALDO slippers
Accessorize bag
Mango chain belt (also worn here)

How do you like to wear your denim? As a statement or as a backdrop for your outfit?


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