[outfit] Knit of the Season

I'd like to call this jumper my knit of the season. It seems every year I buy that one knit which takes me through the colder months and this is this year's. I liked its ovoid sleeves and that it's cropped. It's altogether current and original - an instant statement on its own. Seemingly, every look of mine pivots around one piece. There you have it, that's a window into my way of dressing, my modus operandi!

But the over-the-knee boots are worth a mention. But first I have to bring this out to dry. Shopping for me is one impossible and complex process. I think, then think some more, and then I calculate and then I write lists and then I mix and match and think and then I think of all the blog posts I can get out of an item and the cost-per-wear and whether or not I need the item and then I finally buy the item (or not). Said process requires several visits to the shop (online or not). This did not happen in my act of purchasing the pictured boots. It was one quick and easy purchase (well, almost. I kept it aside at ZARA then went again 2 days later but still relatively quick.)

French Connection cropped jumper
ZARA boots
Cut-off thrift-store jeans
Mango chain belt (also worn here and here)


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