[Outfit] in Segments

I've lost many an opportunity to publish outfit posts simply because I lack the photos. Because of course I need someone to actually take my photos and I hate having to bother people to do just that. So I've come up with this idea - an outfit in segments. It goes like this: I take photos of myself, from my own punto di vista, and usually with my phone's cam. 

Anyway, the theme of dismemberment seems to have become a part of pop culture, ranging from Vogue Italia covers (think September 2012 'Multifaceted Women'), in the popular TV series Dexter (all of season 1, practically), a popular theme Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and really the way women are presented in the media - to name just a few. Women are not only presented as objects, but the head is often cut out of the picture 'dismembered', if you may, valuing women on the basis of their form and not of the intellect (which is represented by the head). So here's to the mocking of such practice!

It was a sunny day today, contrary to yesterday, so that gave more of an allowance with respect to the type of shoes I can wear and the colours.

Bershka blazer
ZARA shirt
ASOS jeans
ASOS spike rings
ALDO slippers

So - what do you think of these type of posts? Do you want more of them?


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