Going higher.

Nothing is more chic and alluring than over-the knee boots. Especially for petites like yours truly. Of course, there is a line one must not cross - wearing them with hot pants and a bralet is, naturally (I hope), a no-go. Over the knee boots should be there to make a statement. Otherwise, worn with black opaque tights, your legs will look like they could go on a mile. My colour of preference when it comes to over-the-knee boots is definitely black and they will easily become a staple in your sartorial diet, trust me.

Last winter I wore mine with a beige trench coat, cinched at the waist. It seamlessly became my go-to outfit and years after years it will still be as current as ever. Here's what the street has to offer in this regard.

And here's a look of mine from last year, wearing a pair from Topshop. :)


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