Event: Runway Malta [Sept '12]

Here's my two-cents on this September's edition of Runway Malta. Upon entering, and mingling with a few friends I had the pleasure of getting to know through blogging (you know who you are...), I strolled around the photography exhibitions, admittedly Steven Vella's was one of my favourites. Then there were a few sponsor stands. At around 7.15 we sat down expecting the show to begin any minute. 

Sef Farrugia sustained her sterling reputation with the fashion crowd, a definite crowd pleaser, earlier at Malta Fashion Week last May and now at Runway. The collection enthralled the audience immediately and guaranteed her winning the Mdina Glass competition with the opportunity of showing again at the next edition of Runway Malta. A mix of texture and exuberant jewel tones, the pieces were exquisite on their own merit and not simply as whole looks. Bravo Sef!

And here's a glimpse of the other talents during the entire evening - 

Ritienne Zammit 

Jogi Arthur

Eli Sha

[More to be posted later...]


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