#NYFW Round Up

Rather than posting on a single show I liked, I thought I'd convert it into a round-up kind-of-thing. New York Fashion Week S/S 2013 came to an end last Thursday 13th, as London Fashion Week took over the fashion radar this week. I'm pleased and happy with what the designers have to offer till now for next Spring/Summer. Florals have taken the back row, thankfully. Frankly, I find florals to be a cliche' come the summer months. Edgy was key for NYFW. That equals a very happy yours truly.

So - the shows (well, a few of them.) -

First off, Wang.
Wang continues to be a New York favourite. This time round, Wang focused on the process of dress-making, quite literally. The pieces look like they are coming apart at the seam, as if they're still in the process of being sewn in place. Of course, as soon as you give them a closer look you'd realise that isn't the case! The pieces were sharp and leather featured in the most idyllic of manners.

Then, Victoria Beckham, who year after year continues to mesmerise me. Her finger is definitely on the pulse. She knows what women want, and she brings it forward in her pieces. All of her creations are wearable, yet, what I would call, cheeky, leaving you wanting more, making the regular passerby look, without their knowing why. Beautifully subtle would be the apt phrase in this case. She delivered an aesthetic in line with that of the Olsen twins in The Row (more about that later.)

The Row - the Olsen twins are easily becoming my personal favourite street style stars. Those who follow me on Facebook might have noticed a recent surplus of Olsen street style photo uploads on my part...so excuse me for that (although I do not see me stopping anytime soon.) Much like Beckham, the twins carry a persona and aesthetic in their sartorial choices which appeals to me immensely. Easy breezy - but structured AND put together.

The showing of their SS13 collection was a presentation in the early morning, far from most of the other designers' exhibitions. Quoting Vogue, the twins looked to the 18th Century scrolls of the Japanese painter Itō Jakuchū. Much like VB's collection, nothing was over-the-top but rather about the subtle but sharp renderings of the use of texture, cut and their making. And that's exactly my cup of tea (alluding to the bounteous offerings of pastries and breakfast delicacies offered to the audience at the presentation...!)

And then came Marc Jacobs. It seems like the man is developing a loathing for pants as he seems determined to avoid them season after season. But who am I to argue with him? Jacobs clearly doesn't want us to wear pants. He wants to wear a skirt or bare all. (I'm glad he's favouring the knicker shorts - I grew fond of them.) He also wants us to show off our well toned navel, a' la the nineties. After what I've just said, you might have given this collection the send off. But it deserves nothing but that! The result is definitely a delicious one.

Oscar de La Rents presented no less than 62 looks. All entirely different and all incredibly inspired. Frankly, I wouldn't call them refreshing but definitely a bounty of chic and modern classics any women would want in her wardrobe. This is what I mean:

 Black, white and mustard happens to be one of favourite colour combos. Nicely done, de la Renta!
Marchesa can never be any less than a realisation of a girl's dream dress. Meaning - opulent embellishments and rich creations. Ta-dahh...

There's hardly ever a Proenza Schouler show I don't like and this is no exception. The boys know what they're doing and they do it very well. Although relatively young, Proenza Shouler still proves to be a strong influencer. As I always say, the bolder the better. Strong pieces is what this is about and I like it... I do!

Now don't you want to fast forward to next summer? Maybe not...That's all for now. I've said too much already. [Expect the London Fashion Week round up in a few days, of course.]


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