Collar Accents

Intro: Hey all - the past two months have been my most hectic in my entire life. Add positively unforgetful, surprising and vomit-inducing at times too. Sometimes even causing me to beam smugly for no apparent reason (of course there are a few reasons - but the curious onlooker, sitting in front of me on the bus, doesn't know that.) A few life-changing decisions on my part were made these two months. Saying that this blog took the sidebar would be a lie, although that's how it may have seemed. Being a blogger is part of who I am. You never stop being one, even in the most uncanny of situations. I cannot seem to fathom how much of ride 2012 is turning out to be. 'Life is a roller-coaster' is one understandable cliche' which definitely applies in this regard. But enough chit-chat, let's get back to business.


That the neck has taken centre-stage in the world of accessorising isn't news to the fashion-savvy. And it seems this trend is here to stay. So how can one make freshen this trend up and to take you through winter and straight to 2013? Getting dressed has never been about wearing different things. Rather, it's about wearing things differently and making what's ordinary extraordinary. So these are my two-cents on turning the page on what has become somewhat of an ordinary trend.

Statement necklaces have taken the better of this trend. However, it has now taken a turn towards stacking up smaller pieces and forming one's own different statement everytime...and don't just stick to shirts! Stack 'em up on loose-fitting t-shirts, plunging necklines and plain shift dresses. Here's what I spotted!


Stack 'em up Mary Kate-style or go the Rachel Bilson way and add some glam to a breton stripe top!

or go all the way...

Accentuate with a pin!

When wearing a chain around your neck looks good...

Or wear it under something sheer - the intriguing way to go.

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