What to Wear - Summer Nights Out

I'm still here. These days I barely have time to open my computer and consequently I've been more grateful for the invention of mobile internet. Summer keeps proving to be more difficult to keep up with every year. The last week was an extremely eventful one for me, and, possibly, a life-changing one. That's what I love about summer - it's that time of year I usually define myself in. As a matter of fact, it's that time of year when I create new resolutions. Because creating resolutions at the start of the new year has become somewhat of an archaic ritual for me; summer is when I'll be setting mine.

On a different level altogether, summertime in Malta proves to be the most casual of all as the Maltese Islands become invaded with tourists and foreigners who seek practicality and carry a nonchalant air, as they intrude upon the usual routines of the Maltese. Sartorially, this may be translated to a less made-up look all over for the Maltese. The women, including myself, opt for flats rather than the usual heels. Beach waves are the hair-style of choice, at times really straight off the beach and other times salt-spray induced.

Here are some outfits I put together to inspire the young side in you when dressing up (or down) for a summer night out. Of course, these are a reflection of my style and what I would wear...so adapt, never copy!

 Chic and effortless.
 Paisley and baroque prints are as hot as that BBQ steak this summer. Enjoy this trend while it lasts...

 A white t-shirt is always a must. It can be dressed in every way possible. This also makes it a catch for the jet-setter. It doesn't hurt to always have one at hand, and crisp clean.

Military: An ever-present trend.

Cut-off shorts are never out. Just pair them with something other than a printed tank (*cough* flag *cough*) top... you don't want to look like the next person.


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