wardrobe basics #2 - the sunhat

As you might have noticed, I changed the blog's layout. I felt it needed a refresher. It's also the time to post another Wardrobe Basic and so - the second in the series of posts on Wardrobe Basics is just about that- yes, the sunhat! Oftentimes it's overlooked, and seen more as an accessory than a must-have. But in reality it's what really makes up any summer outfit. It pulls the look together, and makes you look all the more poised and elegant. Something which is of essence, I believe.

I am of strong opinion when it comes to getting dressed to the beach. Beach wear should still be all about looking smart, regardless of the fact that your thighs and back are bare and out there. A hat does just this. It gives you the necessary smart vibe you may otherwise be lacking at the beach. Of course, it won't do any miracles, but it surely helps a lot. And doesn't it just remind you of holidays and relaxed summer mornings?

Also, I suggest you have fun with them. A regular straw one would do, but a patterned, coloured one will be a great statement piece - and no one should ever say no to a statement piece! A floppy hat oozes class. True story.

[This is by high-street brand River Island.]

tips on buying the ideal sun-hat

1. The floppier the better.
2. Buying it from market stalls or beach shops makes it the more authentic.
3. Make sure its flexible (able to fit in a bag). You'll want to carry it around.


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