product review - pupa milano - hot tropics nail polish

Here's my second Pupa Milano product review. I've come to realise, trying on nail polish is an incredible morale booster when studying. Also, you know you're too bored when waiting for it too dry is the highlight of the day. Although frankly, I did not have to wait much for this baby to dry up.

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to review PUPA MILANO products, because as I mentioned in my other review featuring this brand, the quality is great, long-lasting and bang on trend. Presenting to you a piece from the PUPA MILANO Summer 2012 Hot Tropics collection - Lasting Colour glossy nail polish no.408 - 'Tropical Night Out'.

But something about the collection first. The mood is obviously tropical, as the title suggests - with the colours ranging from yellow hues to deep purple and blue with a touch of metallic shine, making the collection ideal for those fun, summer nights out but just as great for day, by using the lighter colours.

This isn't a 'new' colour to me, so to speak, because I've had a few other nail polishes in this colour, or which are quite similar, but I was curious to try one by PUPA MILANO...and I wasn't let down.

[The products I have from the Hot Tropics Collection, photographed on my favourite stool... :P]

And here's an individual shot of the nail polish I'll be reviewing today. Its fifteen minutes of fame on Rouge Reveries - I present to you *drumroll* Tropical Night Out! (said in a cheesy Saturday Night Game Show host's voice).

Now me wearing it -


It is indeed long lasting.
The colour is pretty, as you can see, when applied it verges on wine rather than purple as it seems to be in the bottle.
One coat would be enough. Although a second, for good measure, wouldn't be a mistake.
It's size is perfect. I've mentioned this before, I never quite finish an entire bottle of nail polish, so I hate paying more for a larger bottle which I will never use.
Would I recommend it? YES.

PUPA MILANO Lasting Colour Glossy Nail Polish 408 'Tropical Night Out' retails at Eur5.60.

Here's the rest of the nail polish range from the Hot Tropics collection - 

Already tried on 'Sunset Deep Red' and I'm looking forward to reviewing it... Curacao Mandarin looks really yummy too! And so does Sea Star Coral. And... okay I should stop now...

Stay tuned - more PUPA MILANO reviews to come! :)

View the entire PUPA MILANO Hot Tropics Summer 2012 collection here.


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