five things

It was a good week, albeit having to stay in studying! I thought it's time I write another 'Five Things' post. These mini-morale boosters really made my week... and we all need some positivity in our lives, don't we?

So here they are - the five good things this week brought along.


In last Wednesday's OOTD I told you all about how I went for a quick break to the beach. What I didn't specify was the product I used. I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but Nivea Sun Olio Spray Abbronzatura Intensa is somewhat of a miracle in a bottle. The secret ingredient is Jojoba Oil! So look out for any product with this as its ingredient.


Since clothing-wise I am somewhat limited at the moment because staying home studying doesn't quite profess the need to dress to impress, I can only think of the stuff I will be wearing in the close future, when exams are over. Predominantly, this lace bandeau body. I'm  looking forward to wearing it on relaxed nights out with friends!


Speaking of staying at home, night time has become quite an anticipated moment of my day. Mainly because of the silky feel of summer pjs and my silky sleep eye masks! I forgot where I had put these so I was happy to finally find them!


Make-up counters are my guilty pleasure in exam time. Just trying on different shades and knowing what's on the market is fun enough. Also, reviewing and trying out a few PUPA MILANO products was a highlight of the week...Check out yesterday's post, a review of one of the polishes here.


I've mentioned before, how much of a list lover I am. And so, this was the week to list the stuff I plan to do this summer, vis a vis life and the blog! I also thought up a few DIY stuff... [I blurred the image on purpose - I don't want to give anything away! Surprises are always better ;) ]


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