Wardrobe Basics #1 - the white shirt

I'm studying right now but I took a break by writing in a post. I thought I'd list the basics I've built my wardrobe on. Admittedly, I used to vow by a few wardrobe staples, but I've become more of a person who's constantly on the look-out for statement pieces. However, to make a statement piece work, you need a few basics to get you going... And since there are quite a few pieces classified under 'basics' I will divide this into a series of posts! Who knows, I might write a book about wardrobe basics some day...

I own around six types of this basic of basics. Whenever I'm out shopping a crisp white shirt is the first thing to catch my eye. It's a gift... and a curse. (I promise). Now in no way is this list exhaustive. There are a gazillion types of the white shirt. No compendium is able to record all sightings of the white shirt - the range of clothing pieves that fall under this category are endless. But here are my four favourite picks.

Side note: Another favourite of mine would be the white Utility Shirt - but that would as useful in any colour whatsover. I like it in the colour it was originally intended to be - in khaki - as any army officer would wear it or perhaps in a design the way only Riccardo Tisci knows how - paired with a printed skirt a la' Resort 2012 - or maybe a printed one?

Moving on - as to...
HOW you can wear it. Here are a few polyvore sets of mine which will help you get your brain juices going as to how you can wear the white shirt. Now, of course, this is my own personal opinion, and my own ideas so I encourage you to use these sets as guidelines or tips rather than rules.

Shown in the first picture with a high-low skirt and a pair of studded hi-top sneakers. Will look just as great with pointed courts, if you want to dress it up a notch! Throw in a shoulder bag for day and a printed clutch by night and you're set to go.

In the second picture I took a different turn altogether, I went for a boyfriend shirt and balanced it out with a ultra feminine skirt, and went for pink accessories, and added the Givenchy heels and glasses to spice it up and add some edge.

I played on yellow here - don't ask me why, I guess I was in the mood for it. The slit midi skirt shown happens to be from the same collection I mentioned earlier, Givenchy Resort 2012, I added the perspex heels to add some interest too. Other strappy wedges will work just as great though and so would a simple black maxi!

In the second - basic colours were key, I resorted to the tangerine statement necklace for the outfit to pop, and the clutch catches everything together. 

Now this is the most basic white shirt outfit ever. Also, it is the most timeless... Take a look at it then I'll give examples as to how you may build on it. These two pieces could take you miles.

Now with the same two pieces, the cut-offs and the white shorts we can create so many other outfits. Take a look.

Gladiator python wedges, some metal and a straw bag is an altogether different look to espadrilles and a duffle bag - an ideal alternative for hot summer mornings.

Black and a pop of bright neon yellow - night or day - have your pick! Wear a colourful bralet underneath the white shirt, and leave most of it unbottoned - and tuck it in your shorts, of course.

Hope you enjoyed this - many more 'basics' to come!


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