Upcoming Designers Show - Malta FW Day 5

Yet another Fashion Week event this evening gave the opportunity to fourteen fresh designers to showcase their talent at the Casino Maltese in Valletta. I was pleasantly surprised by the talent at tonight's event. Many of the designs were both wearable and innovative, and at times avant-garde - aspects which I appreciate in clothing. Do not think, however, that tonight was just about clothing. Accessories played an important part too with an exclusive jewellery collection by nadege.renee and a handbag collection by Dali.

Celeste by Martina Spiteri was the first collection tonight's event had to offer. As the brief introduction entailed, the idea revolved around petals and little black dresses. The collection was different to her last - especially since black was dominant, but it still carried the Celeste signature with that occasional pop of bright colour.

The second was Gremar by Marie Grech. This was the first time I'd heard about or seen any of this designer's work and I must say I was impressed! The craftsmanship was exquisite and elaborate, each piece had a beauty of its own. One particular piece was a hit even amongst us bloggers - a suit featuring a peplum jacket and pencil skirt with alternate colours and fabric.

Next up were Creative Factory 7 - a designer duo which based their designs on elements from the Maltese landscape, something which I appreciate, being Maltese! I love it when designers are influenced by their surroundings rather than give in to the usual silhouettes and confined idea of beauty. This was a breath of fresh air to the usual.

Nadege Renee was next; an exquisite filigree jewellery collection which I immediately marked as ethnic but luxurious. From what I saw, there were silver filigree designs intermixed with natural stones. Most of the creations were statement pieces.

Next up was Eli Sha. Layering played an important role this time round. Colours were subdued and played on different shades of the same colour - blue and grey, purple and pink and so on.

Samantha Muscat's collection took the catwalk next, with a collection based on black and white according to the intro- plucking at my heartstrings with that very utterance - and you all know how much I love black and white!!

The Handbag collection by Dali was next. The pieces had a vintage, albeit unconventional, flair to them. Florals and embroidery were eminent in this collection and the colours had a retro feel.

Some talent from UCA was up next, bringing us pieces which were avantgarde yet minimal with grey hues playing a huge role in this collection. The grey and yellow colour combination was to die for - which I felt was modernist with an edge. The ALDO heels in grey and yellow complemented the looks perfectly.

Erin-Coal followed. Coloured lace, black and large headpieces took centre-stage. The entire collection was drapey in nature, with capes being the main garment, sometimes taking a veil-like form.

Sef Farrugia's collection was next. The craftsmanship was evident, the artistic was present and, honestly there was not a look from this collection I would not wear. The prints are fabulous on their own, but the tailoring of the pants, skirts and the choice of colour makes this collection a remarkable one. Also, the turbans worked so well with everything here!

Then there was Ewa Nowacka. This wasn't the first I've seen of Ewa Nowacka's shows - in fact I had mentioned this designer here. This time round, however, it seemed the Polish designer took a different route and went for simpler silhouettes and simpler colours. My favourite from Ewa's collections has to be this one -
Fretka was next, featuring aztec-like prints, bold colours juxtapoxed with strong black and white prints. It was a promising collection and one of my favourites.

Muriel's wasn't a collection for the feint hearted. It had an exotic element to it as evident by the strong use of colour, embellishments and texture (which included fur.)

The detail was divine, the beading exquisite and precise!

Fleur Kelinza showed again tonight - read all about her creations in yesterday's post here - just in case you missed it!

That's it - Fourteen upcoming designers covered! This was one long post - hope you enjoyed it. 

Stay tuned for more Malta Fashion Week goodness on the Rouge Reveries facebook page.

Also - as from today the ALDO Rise line will be available in stores around Malta. The shoes for this event were sponsored by ALDO.


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