More on the Malta Fashion Awards [2012]

I stopped midway in my last post because for one thing the post was turning out to be a long one and I eventually had to publish something and secondly because I had to catch up with what I missed doing for a whole week - namely, studying.

So what did I miss?
First off, the Awards previewed the Charles & Ron collection once again - and this time round I could get better photos, having a better camera, and the fact that I could actually watch the show and let my boyfriend take the necessary snaps without having to lift a finger surely helped.

Another designer brought his talent to Malta - Gianfranco Reni from Mexico. What immediately came to mind was the sport of fencing - perhaps due to the masks most of the models wore. There was also an equestrian vibe going on, one which reminded me of Gicenchy's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The dark, horse-like hair worn by the models may have been one of the key elements instigating this equestrian idea. The clothing was dark with an element of mystery - but elegance was sustained throughout.

Jean Fares, from Lebanon, was another designer featured last Saturday. The collection took a more feminine and more delicate route to that of Gianfranco Reni. Nothing was casual about these dresses, embellishments featured predominantly in the fabrics used and the fabrics themselves were rich and exquisite. Sharp tailoring seemed to have a Jean Paul Gaultier influence to it, oftentimes paired with leather.


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