Maltese & Russian Designers Show - Malta FW Day 6

Another Malta Fashion Week event took place last night at the Mediterrenean Conference Centre in Valletta. Six designers showcased their talent - Tiffany Pisani's swimwear collection, Alexandra Serova's provocative line, Sergey Pugachev's wedding dresses and oil-paintings on corsets, Joe Callus Exclusive Leather Designs, Vassil Petriiski, and Pippa Toledo. The tastes varied extraordinarily between one collection to the next and each collection had a signature of its own.

Tiffany Pisani initiated her swimwear designer career last night, the colour choices were summery with a few occasional printed pieces. The majority of the designs were bikinis, however one-piece swimsuits, often featuring cut-out sides, also appeared.

Next was Alexandra Serova's collection. Provocative was key. An entire collection was built on the colours of Wine. The designs were provocative but feminine featuring low-cut backs, at times even backless numbers. One particular piece struck me immediately, the only pink-coloured floor-length number. What really was striking about it was that the dress was sewn together at the back calling for a rather provocative back-tracing line.

Joe Callus followed taking a opposite turn to what we've seen till now. The entire collection was made of leather or fur. The opening look featured Litas inducing an immediate squeal from us bloggers.

Russian-born Vassil Petriiski showed an intense collection of denim, fur, printed t-shirts (at one point featuring the Spice Girls). Definitely not a show easily forgotten, it is not a collection for everyone. Patches played a strong part of this collection and so did colourful embroidery and tartan capes, at times featuring fur.

An altogether different collection to the ones we've just seen was Sergey Pugachev's collection featuring bridal wear, and elegant gowns. The pieces had a Grecian vibe, although they often stuck to their Russian roots with oil-based paintings on ornate corsets and beautiful colouring.

 The Belle of the Ball! I stood in awe looking at this gown...

Pippa Toledo's collection was my favourite. There's no going around it. The colours were bold, vibrant and everything was classy but fun - exactly my cup of tea. Jewel tones took centre-stage, an aspect which I admired and velvet was the the predominant fabric.


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