Malta FW Day 3 - Theatrical & Period Costumes Show

Greeted with a fleet of cars at the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Lija I sat and waited as the show was about to start. An introduction highlighted the fact that these costumes rarely ever see the light of day, stored in the confines of the Manoel Theatre, in Valletta, let alone be displayed on a catwalk for all to see.

The predominant colours were a golden shade of yellow, navy blue, wine, purple and olive green. The shoes were authentic to the look and era. What struck me was the low-heeled shoes the women wore. Somehow the air of pompousness was sustained. The use of a bustle beneath the clothing may have done just that. The bustle is a form of undergarment accentuating the chest, waist and bottom, thus foregoing and replacing the use of the high-heel as we know it. The men's shoes were elegant albeit plain, at times, other times embellished with lace or a large buckle. The authenticity of each of pieces was remarkable. As Maltese we should be proud of such heritage stored within the walls of the beautiful Manoel Theatre in Valletta.

The show was definitely not conventional, and not one you would expect to see in any other Fashion Week in the entire world. Short and sweet the show showed us a few pieces and reminded us of some of beauties that lie within the confines of our Islands.

More photos will be uploaded on Facebook shortly! 


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