Malta FW Day 2 - Charles & Ron AW12/13 So Hot, So Cold

The Charles & Ron show is perhaps the most anticipated fashion event on the Maltese Islands. A bustling crowd is proof of that as everyone eagerly waited to be seated. The Charles & Ron signature was evident. The 'Silver Screen Hollywood glamour' was brought about as the models walked confidently to Sinatra's 'The Lady is a Tramp' and the sultry lace gowns implied the Mediterranean influence.

Contrast was key at Charles & Ron this evening. The designer duo made each of their individual roots a key aspect in creating their So Hot So Cold collection. The element of contrast is the fruit of the two designers' different backgrounds. Charles is Maltese, whilst Ron is Dutch-born. Coming from opposite sides of Europe they each have a different blend of heritage to give to their brand. As I went backstage to catch a glimpse of the happenings and the usual hustle and bustle - I was met with a level of calm. The confidence was surreal. Everyone is confident in this dynamic designer duo. A glance at the make-up is enough to distill the sense of contrast the collection is based on. The lips were painted in two shades - royal blue and a scarlet hue. Texture was eminent throughout - with a heavy mix of chiffon with leather, lace and wool. Clearly, contrast was not lacking and playing it safe was not the way to go.

The colours were bold - blue, purple, red, all of which are marked as royal and were intermixed with the elegance that black permeates. Presumably the choice of red and blue is an allusion to the warm Maltese climate and hot-blooded Mediterrenean nature that red entails and blue the climate of the colder European region.

The heavy outerwear, most of which was kaftan-like in form was impressively contrasted by the elegant, form-flattering dresses which brought back the Mediterrenean spice further accentuated by the juxtaposition of black lace and red.

Feathers were an addition I admired particularly with the loose silhouettes of the coats, not to mention they added a softer touch to the look.

The warmth-inducing outerwear, fit for the coldest of climates, was then removed for a second round on the runway to reveal the dresses beneath. Claps from the audience ensued as the rich, lavishly embellished creations beneath were revealed. The jewellery by Viventy of 202 Jewellery was now revealed as fit for any elegant dress. The contrast is once again eminent as the contrasting loose coats are removed to reveal the figure-hugging pieces beneath. What was notable were the significant number of layers each dress was made of - lace, leather, satin, chiffon and the like. 

If I had to pick just one dress, this would be the one. Black and royal blue is one of my preferred combinations and this piece screams both elegance and sensuality. So yes, please!

It was one great show, not just a collection or rally of looks. Keep yourselves updated with the latest Fashion Week hype on the Rouge Reveries facebook page - I will also be uploading more photos from the show there. 


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