Exam-Ready Outfits for Stress-Free Mornings

It's that time of the year again. My hair's messy, most of the time, my eyes seem to want to pop out of their sockets and no amount of food is enough. I'm talking about the annual exams - in case I wasn't clear enough in the title. I know quite a few of you, including myself, are preparing themselves for the annuals. Getting ready for an exam in the sartorial sense may perhaps be one of the limited and rare occasions where I hate getting dressed. Nothing's comfortable enough... not to mention - every minute counts when you know an exam's about to start. Still, if I'm not comfortable during the exam, I end up being fidgety and my grade suffers the consequences. If on the other hand I get dressed comfortably, and in a way which is 'me' it tends to affect my grade positively. If you're usually comfortable wearing sweats to school I am in no way judging you against it. I encourage you to wear whatever you deem to be the most comfortable. Speaking for myself, however, regardless of the fact that sweatpants may indeed be the most comfortable piece of apparel in the history of clothing, I won't be wearing any, simply because I'm not comfortable wearing sweatpants. I don't feel put together at all. I'm a firm believer in Power-Dressing. Having said that, I still won't be wearing heels because there's hardly a pair of heels I wouldn't want to take off after a while - and [I have been wanting to say this for a while] heels do not necessarily make an outfit look any better, regardless of the fact that they do make your behind look better.

Moving on to the essence of this post... I've prepared a few outfits which I deem to be exam-ready. As you'll see I steered clear of jewellery. As much as I love it, it's not practical at all during an exam session - when all you'll be hearing is your bangles clanking on the desk and the rings interrupting your writing. The fact that these are items which actually belong to me and photographed on my own bed, makes these outfits more attainable then polyvore sets when I may, sometimes, go a tad overboard with designer pieces. HAH!

Cropped Boyfriend jeans (ZARA but self-modified) + Boyfriend T-shirt (ASOS) - a timeless combination. Wear a pair of feminine ballerina flats to balance out the look.

Grey maxi-dress (ASOS) + black thong sandals (ASOS)

Or wear combats (ASOS) instead for edgy appeal.

Tailored striped shirt (ZARA) (you may want to roll-up the sleeves - for a seemingly effortless look, pair with jeans (ZARA), espadrilles (New Look) which I teamed with a vintage leather belt here. Wear the shirt tucked in or not - it works either way. :) 

I've already blogged about the importance of the white shirt, here's my white utility shirt (MANGO) [also worn here]. I paired it with ankle-length ZARA navy blue chinos.

Stradivarius striped vest + same ZARA chinos pictured before (also worn here). Stripes are never out of fashion. Especially if they're in navy blue.

An easy-breezy shirt is exactly what exam-wear should be about. Be careful of revealing necklines though - you don't want to be fixing your shirt half the time, a vest underneath may do the trick. I paired my ZARA one with khaki chinos. 

This is the kind of sweat top I'm definitely okay with (see the next photo). I paired it with cut-off shorts - if you're ready to bare your legs to an exam. Perhaps when it gets warmer?
ASOS sweat top, vintage Levi cut-offs.

A gaping back - still sporty and comfortable. And that's what matters! 

Exam-ideal shoes.

As for make-up, concealer and mascara are my saviours this time of year. A pair of huge sunnies to cover up those dark circles might just do the trick...

GOOD LUCK, if you have any exams coming up -and I'm guessing you do, if you've read this! :P


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