catching up // five things

I'm as busy as ever right now - trying to put as much information as I can possibly fathom into my head in preparation for my exams - which, by the way, are only a week away. So amid the panic, and my brain about to reach boiling point, I came here to calm down and catch up with you all - so you'll know I'm still here, alive and kicking, although hardly 'living'.

1. turban-loving.

Since the time left to handle and control my huge hair is limited at the moment, I've found a resurging love for turbans / head-wraps. Now I did my fair share of virtual window-shopping (see what I did there - virtual windows / online shopping haha), since I did not find any better ones, here in Malta, but I did not find a single one I'd be willing to purchase. So I thought, why not make one myself? It's fairly easy trust me. All you need is a metre x metre piece of fabric or a square scarf and the result is the following (I've posted this on the Rouge Reveries facebook page yesterday.. but I thought I'd share it here too.)

[I'm currently loving paisley!]

TIP: I suggest you use cotton fabric for a turban - its easier to handle and the perfect summer fabric. Prints are the preferred option for a turban, but a plain  piece of fabric could look great too - experiment all you want and have fun with it.

Psssst... I'll be posting a how-to vid or step-by-step guide on how-to tie a turban, when I have some time on my hands.

2. in the mood for...

Well, a lot of the fashion world, really, is in the mood for some Spanish-inspired style! This summer, I will be wearing a good number of red and black ensembles, red corsages, feathers and the lot...

3. currently obsessed with...

There are several things really, but top of my list would be this baby from the Balenciaga SS12 collection.

4. The chanel resort show 

I cannot, as a fashion blogger, not mention the Chanel Resort Show in Versailles. It was exquisite. Since I'm not usually one to vouch for the conventional sense of pretty, Karl hit the nail on its head with this collection - incorporating a dose of punk and combining it with the classic Chanel prettiness, I couldn't not love it. It was like Marie Antoinette time-machined her way to the 90s, then to the future, back to the 1800s - bringing with her all the decadence imaginable, including the tiles of the palace floors (see bag image), gone to the beach in the mean time and then travelled to this day and age - her head in place it seems.

 [the 90s are making a comeback. Notice the collar of this jumper? Ring any bells? Also - the creepers!]

5. my latest purchase...

I'm trying to limit myself when it comes to shopping and trying to save up for the really good things, i.e. investment pieces that last a lifetime. But I just couldn't leave these there... and at a really good sale price! Also, I've realised I'm a sucker for shoes (see point 3). AND - they're not platforms, they're actually nicely crafted glittery pointed courts.

Till next time,
bisous bisous


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