Stop - you're making my eyes bleed.

In reference to the melodramatic title, it's the sun I'm talking to. Being at home with the flu does this to me. Act/blab stupidly, I mean. Well, that and being all melodramatic about everything. Like the world's collapsing. Back on topic, I hate forgetting my sunglasses at home. And it's that time of the year again when sunnies aren't just a fashion statement. The sun is absolutely unbearable. (Am I being too dramatic? I really don't know when I've crossed the line when I'm sick.) So, of course, I've resorted to looking out for some shady goodness.

You have to hand it to ASOS for surprisingly affordable yet stylish and unique pieces season after season. [PS: I know this may have sounded like a commercial, but ASOS don't pay me or anything, pinky promise. It sucks that they don't. I would have bought my Pigalle by now.] Personally I don't like to spend a lot on sunglasses. This may have found its roots in the fact that I broke no less than five pairs in one particular year. Also, they bore me more easily than I break them. The pairs I've found to be timeless are the Ray-ban aviators, the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman which is a derivative of it and the Ray-Ban Wayfarers. PS: just FYI - the sunnies Audrey wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's aren't, contrary to popular belief, Rayban wayfarers - they are in fact an Oliver Goldsmith pair. HAH!

Shades have taken a non-clear turn this year. I say non-clear instead of colourful because there have certainly been a good number of dark and mirrored lenses around but less of the clear variety.

Cat-eyes were big last year, but they aren't any less this year. Yay for me. Since they're the ideal type for my face shape. I wore my cat-eyes in my last outfit post (the post prior to this one).

I have got to stop forgetting them at home. A solution would be to pack a pair in each and every bag. But that would be an expensive feet now would it...


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