outfit post: l.o.t.d. - a sunny afternoon.

There's always something in my wardrobe which I can't wait to wear. And I concoct any sort of excuse imaginable to wear it. I can't even think of another outfit until I actually wear whatever my mind's set on. So zooming on the subject of today's LOTD (Look of the Day for those less acquainted with the blogosphere) - I'm talking about my new, well as new as vintage goes - Levi cut-offs. And today's the day I finally wore them on a impromptu trip to our capital with my boyfriend.

Now, as to how I happened to stumble upon these shorts - I really don't know. I searched far and wide last year for a pair of cut-offs in W25. This time round I was randomly looking through ebay and found the perfect pair. I found three pairs, really, and chose the best out of them. I've been on a lucky ebay-bargain roll lately! So coupling that with the fact that I'm in a festival-wear mood as of late (as I duly mentioned in the post prior to the one you're reading), the cut-offs are exactly the kind of apparel I'm looking forward to wearing (without having to wear tights).

A quick word on the belt. Does it remind you of Balmain SS12? I've had it for a while now, but as I was about to wear it, it struck me.

OK, enough sweet-talk. Here are the actual photos!

The nail tip rings I've lately become obsessed with. Also - I've been sporting a lot of mixed metals.
Random picture - thank you boyfriend (who refuses to be mentioned by his name - HAH I FOUND A WAY AROUND IT)

Our beautiful capital and my boyfriend (he doesn't know I took this photo)

ZARA jacquard blazer
ZARA blouse
VINTAGE straw clutch
ACCESSORIZE leather belt
LEVI cut-offs
ZARA leather flats

REVLON Pink About It lipstick (yes, again)
Nails: Catrics Sold Out Forever (the jade one)
Essence - Fatal (the black one)


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