outfit post - floral customs

Florals are part and parcel with spring. Saying florals are in for spring is like saying the sky is blue or one and one make two. It's a well-rooted fact which brings an array of evidence year after year. On the other hand, the kind of florals that are 'in' changes every year. And that my dears is the beauty of fashion. Last year we had soft florals, with a predominantly vintage vibe and grey ones too at Lanvin. This year the florals have taken an exotic trip, one which stages itself around Asian accents. So then I thought, it's time I take out my Asian-born  floral-embellished blouse and pair it with low-waisted Zara pants.


The pictured bag has been of so much use to me, the cost per wear has gotten so low it might just as well be rendered null. It satisfied the quench for edge in this look, because otherwise - think about it - what, about this look shouts out attitude?

A note on these Topshop beauties - They are platforms, they are! And you know how I stand right now on platforms... if you follow this blog regularly enough. So you must be thinking - what is she doing wearing platforms? But these are different. Pinky promise. What's so wonderful about them is that they're still crafted in a pointed manner. So - you see, shops have found a way to play around the beauty and sensuality of the pointed, platform-less court shoe and the advantageous comfortable platform. Of course, they won't be as delicate and elegant as a platform-less counterpart. But I guess this pair is a worthy compromise!

As you can see, the outfit is minimal albeit the bold choice of colours and the addition of the studded bag.


Photos by Stefan Vella, once again.
His page may be found [here].


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