outfit post - effortless white.

I've been rather wordy lately. Possibly because being stuck in bed sick gave me plenty of time to slow down and think. But now that I'm out of bed and enjoying the spring sun, (well not at this minute, I'm typing this aren't I?) it's time for another outfit post. I took these photos last week and this is essentially only part one of this look. Confused? Let me explain. I wanted to emphasise the importance of having a white sheer shirt in your wardrobe and instead of creating a myriad of polyvore outfit sets using the same shirt I went and shot two totally different outfits wearing the one and only shirt (and shorts, really). This way is definitely way more fun. So here's part one of this look. I wanted to create the aura of an early Sunday morning - when you really just want to stay in bed and sleep a bit longer.

But before that - I never got to show you what goes on in preparing my looks. Honestly, sometimes I prepare beforehand but then some ray of light hits me and impromptu outfits come to mind and consequently I ditch whatever else I had in mind. But still, since I am somewhat of a obsessive freak when it comes to preparing the pre-shoot part still happens. Take a peek behind the scenes.

I've prepared a form to fill for each look, including the vibe I want to create, the accessories, the make-up, some style icon/ or editorial I have in mind and sometimes even the underwear.Then I put all the stuff I'm to wear in my built in clothing rail. (As you can see, even the sunnies find their place there.)

Then, that morning I hang everything on the portable clothing rack, especially the shirts for them not to get wrinkled. Whatever can be packed, I put into my Guinot carry-bag.

The jewellery has to be packed too of course. Although I usually plan the jewellery beforehand I like to take a lot more than originally planned, you know - just in case! Anyway, how much space is extra jewellery going to take really?

Now for the look!! I kept it minimal because as I said I wanted to create that straight out of bed look.


Now I'm about to yawn (or not).

Me in my faux-pensive look :P

I'm walking on sunshine....wooo-oh!

I went for messy, full volume for hair, unbuttoned sleeves and no jewellery except for my chain first-knuckle ring (which I forgot to take a photo of, silly me)
As for make-up, I kept it totally natural of course, but darkened my eye brows. I wore embellished khaki shorts - to make it look like I'm making an effort. But really who wants to make an effort on a Sunday morning? Sunday should be all about easy, effortless wear!

A very cropped photo of my first-knuckle ring (mentioned here). It makes my fingers look huge hehe - but I don't want to give away my other look! :p

Hands on hips like a proooo.

Check back soon for part two because, the clothes are the same but the look is not ;)

ZARA shirt (in medium - to look flowier)
ASOS embellished shorts.
DIY first-knuckle ring.


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