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Darn thoughts that don't allow me to fall into sweet slumber. Here I am blogging at 4am - again. This is not a ground-breaking revelation since I wouldn't be lying if I said most bloggers are avowed-insomniacs with a penchant for web-surfing and wordy reveries (see what I did there?). I'll leave it to a very dear, and good friend of mine to correct my mistakes tomorrow morning, when she checks for the fourth day in a row whether I've made time for blogging. She will find mistakes - regardless of the fact I've re-read and corrected three times already, but - alas - if I'm tired it will show. This time, when she types this blog's URL (or clicks on it in her browser's bookmarks bar - I hope she did bookmark it), it won't be in vain, of course because I will have posted by tomorrow morning - if my incessant rambling leads to some form of post I can finally publish. And that's one long sentence.

In other news, those of you following me on my Facebook page know I have been obsessing and posting about jewellery far too much for my own good - to the extent that newcomers may have mistook this blog for a jewellery one. So expect another Arm Candy post soon. I also made a first knuckle ring. I've been looking for one forever. I never found a reasonably priced one and all it took to make one was some excess chain from my spike bracelet. We're all about recycling these days... aren't we?

Anyhow - you see, I did have a busy week with Easter and all. You should know, Easter's my favourite time of the year. The peace and calm that surrounds it - and all the easter eggs and yellow-dotted joy. And mum filling the house with colourful, pastel coloured eggs, and an excess of yellow, green and bunnies.  And it's a happy time of year, it is.

Here are some Lent/Easter time favourite movie screen captures - i.e. Jesus Christ Superstar. As far as I'm concerned, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a god. But it's not just the music which is so awesome - the musical is pure seventies whimsical fun. It is a must-watch. Pinky promise.

With that out on the table, I can say - I cannot wait any longer for summer. I've been thinking up summery outfits way too long and spring hasn't even taken off yet. So I've decided to take up Project Sewing. Something which I'll explain later on when I've actually got things going.

This time of year always puts me in festival mood. It's the time of year when blazers and uptight clothing have less of an appeal - and barely there maxis, straw hats, friendship bracelets and crop tops are all I feel like wearing. And what better era than the sixties and seventies to inspire festival outfits? Sadly I've never been to one. A festival I mean. Hopefully I'll be able to attend one next year. Yet that isn't really stopping me from pin-pointing a few items I would take to a festival. But before - the queen of festivals - Jane Birkin in her prime years. 

So here are a few festival must-haves... and an idea of along which lines you should be thinking if packing your festival wardrobe - lucky you.

First of all, a festival trip is the kind in which you should pack lite. Yet you should pack enough to feel fresh every day - especially since showering is a luxury at festivals - unless you're planning to travel to a hotel/ inn every single night.

Most importantly, Festivals are the Mecca of Self-Expression. One hundred per cent You or nothing. Oh and strappy sandals might not be your ideal option - especially if the place is muddy (*cough* Glastonbury *cough*)

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