make a statement: fenton/fallon

I have been seeing the jewellery lines I'm about to mention popping up everywhile - for a good while now and each and every piece has enthralled me whenever I set my eyes on one. I have, in fact, used them endlessly in my polyvore sets. Plus they involve studs - ergo extra brownie points. But I never really gave it a second thought or bothered to see the workings behind it but that was only until I stumbled upon an image from last September's Spring 2012 Fenton show. The designer behind Fenton/Fallon is Dana Lorenz and she is one of the most inspired women I have had the honour to learn about in a while. The lines embody a 'more is more' philosophy, in Lorenz's own words. The pieces have an art deco vibe to them, perhaps inspired by the curves and colours of Miami's architecture. Also, whilst utilising pastels, the pieces are still bold and statement making. And you can always rely on Fenton for statement pieces!

The difference between the two lines is simple. Although they incorporate the same influences and inspiration, the FENTON line is of a finer, more sophisticated and more expensive quality. The technique for the FALLON line is less advanced.

Now for the pieces themselves - lo and behold the true masterpieces follow!

[FALLON pieces]


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